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Certified Organic Cosmetics - The Healthy Option

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As a result of mercury poisoning caused by my dental amalgam I have difficulty in removing chemicals from my body. Many people will have the same problem although not necessarily because of their teeth.

Unfortunately we live in a chemical soup and toxins are everywhere. You probably check the labels on food to see what you are eating but what about everyday personal products like shampoo, deodorant and cosmetics?

Do you just assume because they are on sale at your supermarket or drug store they are safe?

I did but not any more.

You see I discovered that government does not require cosmetics and other personal care products to be tested for safety. Further, the industry's own safety review panel has assessed only 11 per cent of the 10,500 ingredients contained in health and beauty products available in stores today.

On the FDA's website, it states
"Cosmetics and their ingredients are not required to undergo approval before they are sold. Manufacturers can use any ingredient, except for 10 prohibited substances, without government review."

So what about the other 10,490?

In Europe laws are much tougher but even here currently only 1200 toxic chemicals are banned.

Our skin is the largest eliminatory organ in the body. It is a two-way membrane. Toxins are eliminated through the skin via perspiration and absorbed through the skin, into the body's systemic circulation, through hair follicles and sebaceous glands (not through sweat glands). One square inch of skin contains 65 hairs, 100 sebaceous glands, and 650 sweat glands.

That means if you put a chemical compound on your skin your body is likely to absorb it. You've got a lot of hair follicles and sebaceous glands. How do you think HRT and Nicotine patches work?

Low exposure for a long time for someone who doesn't remove chemicals well means they accumulate and that leads to health problems.

The bottom line is the more things you use, the more chemicals you absorb.

There is a non profit, research based, consumer advocacy group been set up called The Environmental Working Group. It has developed an online safety guide with in
depth information on nearly 15,000 name brand products. The electronic database compiled is cross-linked with 37 toxicity or regulatory databases and when EWG analysed
the results they found:

· More than one-third of all personal care products contain at least one ingredient

  linked to cancer.
· 57 percent contain "penetration enhancer" chemicals that can drive other

  ingredients faster and deeper into the skin to the blood vessels below.
· 70 percent of all products contain ingredients that may contain harmful impurities

  such as known carcinogens, according to FDA or industry reviews.

Impurities are legal and unrestricted for the personal care products industry.

As you can see health and beauty do not always go hand in glove which is why you need to seek out 100% synthetic chemical and toxin free cosmetics and skin care products.

Fortunately there is a range made from purely natural organic ingredients, many of which are Certified Organic to Food Standards. This means you could even eat them and they wouldn't do you any harm but please don't take that as a recommendation.

If you would like to find out more and think about your health as well as your beauty then visit for 100%synthetic chemical free cosmetics, skin care and personal products.


Jean Shaw is the author of "I'm Not Naughty - I'm Autistic - Jodi's Journey" , "Autism, Amalgam and Me - Jodi's Journey Continues and Mercury Poisoning, It’s Not In Our Heads Any More ." Details of her books and mercury poisoning helplines can be found at